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How To Tie And Wear Oblong Scarves

by santanu patra | 23-01-2017 | Tags : oblong

Not only is a gorgeous long / oblong scarf perfect to accent any outfit; it is also delightfully easy to tie. Let's first get rid of a common misconception: "only people with a long neck can wear a long scarf". Absolutely wrong! Whereas a bulky knitted scarf is…

Anne Touraine Paris Silk Scarves The Secret To Stay Warm During The Winter

by santanu patra | 23-01-2017 | Tags : silk scarfs

A silk scarf adds accent to any outfit. It’s also a wonderful and incomparable way to stay warm and stylish at the same time.  Though it is by definition light - and therefore heavenly to wear - a silk scarf has amazing and unique thermal properties: warm when it’s cold,…